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commercial appliance repair in santa ana

When commercial appliances are the back bone of your business, you spare no expense in making sure that they always remain in good condition. A major defect in a main appliance can bring your business to a grinding halt and cost you money in the process. In a fast moving business world, the last thing you can afford is down time. It’s the reason you need to make sure that all your commercial appliances are first of all good quality, and that you routinely service them.

But how important are commercial appliances exactly? Well, catering businesses cannot do without commercial stoves. Each day, these stoves help prepare thousands of meals that are served in the business. Without them, the business wouldn’t run. Other appliances that are vital in the running of food businesses include commercial ovens, dishwashers, microwaves and coffee makers. Other businesses like laundromats rely heavily on washing machines and dryers to stay open, while commercial refrigerators and freezers are vital for keeping perishable merchandise in grocery stores fresh.

Given the amount of work that commercial appliances do every single day, they are bound to experience wear and tear as time goes on. Occasional glitches, therefore, are to be expected. The smart thing to do is stay on the lookout for these issues so you can address them as quickly as possible. We’ll look at some of the common repair issues that can attack your commercial appliances.

Prevalent Commercial Appliance Defects

Depending on the appliance in question, you may experience some of the following problems as time goes on:

  • The appliance has problems coming on or turning off
  • The appliance stops suddenly while running
  • A part of the appliance is clearly defective
  • The appliance has a leakage
  • The appliance makes a lot of noise while running
  • The appliance produces some sparks
  • The appliance shakes violently once in operation

Immediately you become aware of any of these problems, it is important that you take prompt action. If you don’t, the defect can aggravate and cost a lot more to fix in the long run. Besides, an appliance that has suddenly stopped working can affect activities in your business and lose you both revenue and clients. Sometimes, the risk is far bigger. An appliance with electrical wiring issues, for instance, is a fire hazard that threatens the entire establishment, not to mention putting everyone’s health in danger. So what should you do?

Here’s what to Do When a Commercial Appliance Breaks Down

Generally, there are two options at your disposal. The first is to replace the appliance. While this approach will solve your woes, it is can be very expensive. As you already know, top quality commercial appliances can set you back thousands of dollars. The better option is to call a reputable appliance repair technician to help you out right away. Professional repair is not only much cheaper, but also faster compared to hunting for a new appliance.

We Can Help

Once you’ve realized that there’s something wrong with your commercial appliance, reach out to us at Santa Ana Appliance Repair. We guarantee that we’ll not only restore your appliance to perfect working order, but also do it the very same day you call us.

Why Choose Us

Santa Ana Appliance Repair has been a top player in the appliance repair and maintenance industry for a long time. We pride ourselves in delivering top notch services to the doorsteps of our clients throughout Santa Ana and its surroundings. Our carefully handpicked technicians are not just properly certified, but also vastly experienced in the repair and maintenance of all kinds of commercial appliances. Regardless of the problem your appliance has, our seasoned technicians can handle it within no time. Among the services we provide are:

  • Commercial stove and range repair
  • Commercial freezer repair
  • Commercial ice maker repair
  • Commercial washer repair
  • Commercial dryer repair

Our services are not only punctual, but also highly affordable. Prior to fixing your appliance, we give you an upfront quote of the cost so it’s a lot easier for you to make a decision. We also use original, factory approved replacement parts for all your appliances so the problem does not recur soon. After we have made sure that your appliance is as good as new, we tidy up the area. You’ll be happy you chose to work with us.

Our competent technicians are capable of handling appliances from all the brands in the country.

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