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stove and range repair in santa anaFor people who are big on home cooked meals, a top quality range is the first appliance they go for when equipping their kitchen. That’s because a range gets involved in more meal preparation than perhaps any other kitchen appliance. In the many of the homes in America, the range is used at least once every single day. Outside the home and in food businesses, commercial ranges are used to prepare almost all the meals on the menu.

Currently, ranges are available in three main types based on the fuel they use, namely:

  • Electric ranges
  • Gas ranges
  • Dual fuel ranges

All these ranges need proper care and maintenance to last for a long time.

Given how valuable your range is, the thought that it may break down can be rather disconcerting. Yet the truth is your range is bound to experience some defects in the course of its lifetime even with regular servicing. The best you can do is prepare for these defects so you can tackle them immediately they strike. This way, your kitchen routine is restored and further problems averted. But what are some of the common range repair issues you need to be looking out for?

Top Range Defects

Whether you own a household range or a commercial one, you still need to be on the lookout for some of the following problems that may attack it occasionally:

  • The range has a hard time coming on
  • The appliance will not turn off
  • One or more of the top burners are faulty
  • The range does not produce heat at all
  • The appliance produces too little heat
  • The range heats up too much
  • The clock has an error message
  • The range has electrical wiring issues
  • The timers are broken

The moment you become aware of these problems, it is important that you deal with them decisively. A range that does not serve the purpose you bought it for is a huge inconvenience, whether at your home or in your food business. The sooner you can get the problem sorted out the sooner your kitchen routine can resume in earnest. Besides, a defective range can be a huge danger to your safety. If the range has electrical wiring issues, for instance, it’s a potential fire hazard.

Here’s What You Can Do

The best call of action is to call a reputable appliance repair technician to help you out immediately. An experienced technician can not only assess your range and determine the exact problem with it, but also provide a lasting solution for it. Of course, there’s always the option of replacing the oven altogether, but that would mean spending hundreds of dollars or much more. Replacing your appliance should thus be last option. Professional range repair is always a lot more affordable and quicker than hunting for and buying a brand new range.

We’d Love to Help!

If your range seems to have a problem, call us at Santa Ana Appliance Repair right away. We guarantee that we’ll get your range working perfectly within no time.

Why Choose Us?

Santa Ana Appliance Repair is one of the most respected names in appliance repair in North America. Through the years, we have brought exceptional services to the very doorsteps of our clients throughout the region. Our technicians are the best in the industry. Every member of our team is carefully chosen from a pool of extensively experienced technicians to make sure that they’re uniquely qualified to handle our clients’ ever changing needs. No matter how bad the situation with your range seems, you can trust us to get it working perfectly once again.

We love to provide our customers with the quickest service in the region. As soon as you call us, we get moving right away. Our customer care representative dispatches a seasoned technician to your location right away. The technician will first carefully examine your range to pinpoint the problem, then recommend a lasting solution for it. They’ll also provide you with an all-inclusive quote of the repair costs so it’s easy for you to decide whether you want to proceed with us. As you’ll see, our rates are very pocket friendly. If you give our technician the go-ahead, they’ll get started right away and in no time, your range should be functioning perfectly once more. Where a replacement part is needed, you can be sure that we’ll use only the original, factory-approved option. We can repair ranges from all brands.


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