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REFRIGERATOR REPAIR IN SANTA ANAA modern, stylish, refrigerator is the pride of every homeowner. That’s why most home owners are very particular when it comes to choosing a refrigerator. Your fridge is designed to keep your perishable food supplies fresh for as long as possible. Since there’s almost always something in the fridge, the appliance stays on day and night almost all year round. This makes your refrigerator one of the hardest working appliances you have in your home.

Due to their ability to preserve perishable foodstuffs for days, refrigerators can help people save a lot on groceries. That’s because as long as you have an efficient fridge, you can buy these supplies in bulk and enjoy great discounts that come with doing so. Besides, you don’t need to worry about making frequent trips to the grocery store, and that saves you money on fuel.

Commercial refrigerators are valuable for a variety of businesses. Grocery stores, for instance, rely on these appliances to keep their perishable merchandise fresh for a considerable period of time. Medical facilities, on the other hand, need fridges for keeping some of their supplies in good condition.

Since your refrigerator is so helpful, why not return the favor by taking good care of it? The best way to do that is by cleaning the appliance regularly, and by investing in routine servicing of the appliance.

But even with meticulous maintenance, your fridge is still bound to experience occasional glitches that come from aging and general wear. What you need to do is know what to do the moment you notice these problems. So what are some of the prevalent repair issues that can attack your fridge?


Top Fridge Repair Issues

No matter what fridge you are using, chances are it’ll experience some of the following defects at some point in the course of its life:

  • The appliance will not come on
  • The refrigerator stops repeatedly while running
  • The appliance does not cool
  • The fridge takes a long time to cool
  • The appliance leaks water or coolant
  • The fridge is too loud
  • There’s an unpleasant smell coming from the appliance
  • The light of the fridge no longer works
  • The door is faulty

These issues can be alarming, but as long as you tackle them decisively and quickly, you should be okay. Most of these issues can escalate quickly and cause further damage to your fridge if not dealt with right away. Besides, once your fridge stops cooling, the supplies stored therein could begin to go bad in just a while. And if your fridge is leaky, noisy, or smelly, then it can be a constant source of irritation. So what should you do?


How to Deal With a Defective Fridge

Your best option is to call an appliance repair technician right away. A reputable technician can thoroughly assess your appliance to determine what exactly is wrong with it and recommend a lasting solution for it. The alternative is to replace the appliance, but given the financial implications of this move, this should only come as a last resort. In the vast majority of cases, refrigerator defects are easily and affordably reparable, as long as you are working with the right technician.


We Can Help

As soon as you notice that your refrigerator has a malfunction, reach out to us at Santa Ana Appliance Repair to help you out right away. We can assure you that we’ll get your appliance working perfectly again in no time at all.


Why Choose Us

Through the years, Santa Ana Appliance Repair has distinguished itself as the appliance repair and maintenance provider of choice for residents of Santa Ana and its environs. We have a solid team of highly experienced technicians capable of handling any repair issues your appliances may have, no matter how severe. Once you entrust us with your refrigerator, you can be sure that we’ll restore it to perfect working order in no time at all.

We are committed to providing the quickest repair service in the region. As soon as we receive your call, we immediately dispatch a seasoned technician to your doorstep to provide you with the assistance you need. Our rates are unbeatable, and we offer upfront pricing so it easier for you to make a decision. We always bring a wide assortment of original, factory approved replacement parts in our truck. After we have gotten your appliance up and running, we always clean up the area.


Our services are available 24/7, all year round.


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